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Like all of you I am staying home (granted still going to the office in the house) and doing projects to prepare for my summer season. Things that need to be done like stocking fly and tackle boxes along with uncovering the boat. I have 10 new spinning rods that need to be set up on the next warm day. In between I have been on the phone. As someone who has been a guide for many years I am occasionally asked for my thoughts on issues that impact guiding in Maine. That happened a couple of times in the last month.


It is the people that make my business a joy. We are all in the middle of a topsy turvy time that is for sure. COVID cases are on the rise here in Maine but still we are nowhere near the rest of the country. The economy had a pretty big stop at the beginning and everyone is gradually figuring out how to work from home if they can. Schools here are not likely to open for the rest of the year. So everyone’s life has been rearranged.

Why Yes I Do Have a Home Office

A Little light snow here this morning. Just a reminder that winter is not going to give up easily. Everyone is working from home now and I realized that I have been working out of a home office for a very long time. Even when I had a day job in state government (now 20 years ago) I did a lot of work from my office at home. The office is a pleasant room on the north end of the house with a separate entrance.


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