Revisiting a change

For a number of years I had a GoPro camera mounted on my landing net. It got some good pictures of fish coming to the net but its real purpose was to get pictures of smiling clients with their fish and not the typical grip and grins. It worked pretty well but not perfectly. It was sometimes hard to get the camera to work as intended but mostly it worked.

Cold enough to make the water smoke!

Yes it was cold the last couple of days. 18 below zero on Saturday morning with a roaring northwest wind. We started Friday morning at 22 above, the temperature fell all day and well into the evening. It was cold and windy. We are feeling very lucky that we did not suffer any malfunctions or frozen pipes. The wood stoves kept us warm all through and everything started when we needed it. Except for needing more coats to go outside almost a normal winter day.


Another method of payment

What an odd winter, the warmest January on record (in Portland where they track those sorts of things) and now a weekend where it will bee cold enough to cancel outdoor events and get us all looking at our woodpiles. No worries here we have plenty of wood and the dogs will be in the office for a good part of the next several days. A predicted high temperature of 0 always gets our attantion.


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