What a sight to see

3 eagles in the treesMid morning we noticed and eagle on the edge of the field across the street. Soon there were two more and after lunch a total of five. One juvenile and four white headed adults. Each in turn dropping into the field I assume to feed on something I will walk down to see what they are eating after they are gone. Given the wind and cold with falling temperatures I will let them eat their fill this afternoon.

We sure have come a long way

Our first shot of real winter arrived last week, lows in the single numbers and highs in the twenties. Snowing today to be followed by more cold air at the end of the week. Argy and I went for our walk yesterday and I marveled at how comfortable I was while the temperatures were cold with a stiff breeze. My mind immediately went to the clothing that I had on and how far it has come in my lifetime.


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