Season of Spectacular Sunrises

We are at the southernmost point of the suns annual swing. The solstice is a week away and after that we begin the northward turn. Our view from the house and office is toward the southeast giving us spectacular sunrises from Late October until March or so when the sunrise moves further to the east and out of our view. The sunrise is also much later at this time of year ensuring that we are up and able to see it.

New Season

Just like that it is a new season! We had a storm on Saturday into Sunday that marked the end of a long warm dry fall with an exclamation point. Started out as rain and wind on Saturday and when we woke up on Sunday morning the world was covered in snow. About 4 inches of a new coating that covers an icy layer brought on by the transition from rain. Not unexpected to be sure it is after all December in Maine.


I received an e-mail from a regular reader last evening inquiring if everything was all right since I have not been posting regularly for almost 6 months. Short answer yes things are OK here. Fall came very quickly along with short days and a week of warm weather that has allowed me to get a new greenhouse mostly finished and all of our winter wood in.


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