Pike Fishing

Pike Fishing

Over the past few years, pike have become established in the Saint George River watershed, creating a new and unique fishing opportunity. These fish can reach remarkable sizes here, up to three feet long and over 10 lbs.

Pike fishing is at its best in early spring or fall, a great opportunity for those who are eager to get back out on the water as soon as the ice is out or be the last ones to put the rods away for the winter. They respond well to a large, well-placed streamer fly or spinning lure.

What's Included

Maine Outdoors will supply all of the equipment that you will need. Lifejackets, paddles, fishing rods, lures, bait, drinks and even rain jackets. We always recommend that you bring along a jacket as even on the nicest days the air can get cool.

Full day trips include a lunch served by your guide in a quiet setting.

Maine fishing licenses are included when required and any sales taxes.

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