That was fast!

Hard to believe that August is past and taken half of September with it. Leaves are very much starting to turn  color here and even though the weather has stayed warm you can tell that cooler days are just around the corner. I have simply too busy to post to this blog for a long stretch. Not that it was not on my list and my intentions were good.

Reliable tools

Thomaston Harbor on a Foggy MorningOver the years I have come to rely on various tools to make guiding easier. Many of these are technological marvels. For instance a cooler once disposable and holding ice for about a day is now a long term investment that keeps ice for several days. The Basic Lund hull design has been dependable for many years.

Busy this summer

Since Maine Outdoors was started now 36 years ago I have been proud of my ability to fit everyone who wants to go on a trip into my schedule. Until the last few years it was always possible, I would guide another trip after supper or move something around to make it work. This summer has been very different; my calendar has been filled three weeks out for a good part of it.


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