Spring just won’t come

This has been a long and snowy winter that is for sure. With lots of snow in January and March and a long cold snap. But the feature that is the least fun is the spring or lack of it. We are nearly to the middle of April and temperatures are still below normal. Which has kept a lot of our ponds still covered in ice and snow on the ground in many places.

A match!

Long ago one of my clients gave me a few antique decoys, actually about 25 years ago. At about that time I would represent the Maine Professional Guides Association at the National Hunting and Fishing Day event at LL Bean and used the decoys as a conversation starter.

The best grouse hunting story! I know Its time to go fishing but the story is too good!

In keeping with my series of great guide stories from my career. This is a grouse hunting story but really more of a, what an amazing individual, story. It is even recent! Keep in mind I have been guiding grouse hunters for over 30 years and have only one other story that is even close to this one.


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