Family Fishing

I have offered trips that are designed to get your family outdoors for years and talk a lot about how great it is. Yesterday I had a chance to get my entire family on the water. The occasion was my youngest sons birthday; a breezy but warm afternoon with Argy, both boys and my oldest son’s dog.  At this point both boys are working guides in very different venues than I do. One a climbing guide in Camden and the other a guide in Washington DC. The younger spends a lot of time travelling the world but is here with us due to the pandemic.

Maine Vacation Restrictions Loosened

I am excited to say that after July 1, the State of Maine has provided guidelines for out of state visitors to follow to AVOID the 14 day quarantine while vacationing in Maine. This means, that yes, you can come to Maine this summer and enjoy a trip with Maine Outdoors. Complete with fresh air, sunshine (well most of the time anyway) and beautiful scenery.


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