Over the last few months I have been privileged to watch folks who are at the peak of their skill in various fields. Over the holidays Argy and I attended a high school holiday concert where the teacher / conductor was obviously skilled anticipating where the students would make mistakes and offering coaching to keep them on track.

And we are off!

Already into the new year. Like every other small business Maine Outdoors is starting by making plans, reviewing the past and thinking about how to do what we do better. Some things like the weather or fish biting or eagles showing up on scene are sort of out of our control. Other things though like a pair of binoculars when needed are easy to provide as long as they had been thought of a before that moment.

The sun will be headed north soon!

We are fortunate to live in a place that offers a clear view to the southeast. Over the neighbors dairy farm with Spruce and Pleasant Mountains in the near distance and Dodges Mountain in Rockland far off. The sweeping view offers a startling reminder of how much the suns path changes through the year. In the summer it is far to the east and out of our view as it rises.


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