A decade and a half of sharing my adventures!

I’ve been writing on this blog since the spring of 2005 and had one on another platform before that for a year or two. It is hard to imagine that the years have gone by so quickly! I spent a little time over recent days revisiting old posts and literally strolling down memory lane. What a great way to see how things have changed over that short period of time. Way back when I tried to write a post almost every day that soon became a chore and I dropped to a couple of times a week and now once a week (mostly).

Will the sun ever come up?

Sitting at my desk this morning at 7AM and wondering if it will ever get here. The sky is crystal clear with a breeze; temperature 7 degrees. With the snow it is already plenty bright enough to see, but still. On the upside it is above zero. I wait for the sun to peek over the horizon and give us all the strength it can muster to warm things up a little.


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