My season is finished, I returned form Libby Camps last week after guiding grouse hunters for most of October. It is always a great feeling to be finished for the year but then the work of maintenance starts. This week the Sequoia goes in to be detailed. While that gets underway, I always get to thinking about how much things have changed in the last 32 years.

A morning of fishing for me

It has been a very busy season to be sure. By way of proof I have a new Orvis H3 Nine weight rod that got added to my rod supply in the middle of July. Here it is the middle of September and I had not fished with it. Remedied that this morning with a few hours on the saltwater. A very foggy start and the last of the falling tide made it a great morning to be out.

Home run!

I get some nice reviews and post them to the reveiws page on ths website. This one (below)  though tells me that I hit a home run for this family! I love having these opportunities. Thank you to all of the families who trust me with a part of their vacation.



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