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Maine Outdoors is here to help you create cherished memories of great times outdoors. This is the experience that you come to Maine for! Imagine paddling along a secluded shore while loons call, or drifting silently along casting a line while eagles watch.The best gift is a fond memory. Let us create a life-long memory for you or your guests.

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 To get the most out of our 7 days in Camden we hired a Master Maine Guide Don Kleiner and I cannot recommend this man highly enough as he gave us 2 days of absolute Maine perfection.

Don, of all the guides I have had on trips in my life, and there have been many, you are the best!


Sea Trial on Ice

Created on Sun Apr 19, 2015 by Don Kleiner

Yesterday was warm and sunny so Argy and I took the new Lund down to Seven Tree Pond. The boat launch was ice free even though a good part of the north end was covered in ice. We launched and motored up the Saint George into Round Pond looked around some and returned to Seven Tree. We went over to the eagle nest to see if it is occupied this spring and could not tell.