Thanks for another great season!

It is the practical end of my season, the boat went to be winterized last Friday. I was hoping for one last fishing trip on a warm afternoon in the next few weeks. A possibility that looked less likely with every passing day. This was a great year to be sure even though it ended on a sad note. Our winter wood is in all stacked and ready. I noticed today that I am making more frequent trips to the pile in the garage.

Sad end to a season

I’m home from the season guiding grouse hunters at Libby Camps in northern Maine. Unlike my other seasons my days consist of teamwork; me and the dogs. In reality it is the dogs and me because I can’t smell well enough to find any birds they are the show. My part is to get the dogs and hunters in the places where success is more likely and then keep everyone safe. The dogs happily do the rest.


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