So much more!

Yesterday’s striper fishing trip was slow on the fish count but the wildlife more than made up for the fishing. It was an early start with a low tide. Before we even got on the boat there were two deer on the opposite side of the harbor. Playing in the rockweed on the shore; as soon as I started the outboard they were gone. Our trip downriver was dotted with seals, harbor porpoises a few ospreys and a few fish to the boat.

Great photo!

I have a GoPro camera mounted on both my landing nets. The camera is set to take a picture every second and I turn it on when a client has a fish on to get the happy face and the fish when if comes on board. Because I turn it on well before the fish is ready to be landed it gets some interesting shots. For instance I had one last year of the lure flying through the air after the fish had spit the hook.


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