Families Fishing

When I describe a family fishing trip I have a picture in my mind of a family with young children. Am I wrong! Yesterday I enjoyed a family fishing trip with a family that proved it for a fact. Here are the pictures and their review of the mornings trip. Very nice and thank you all for a great day on the water. Weather was perfect too!

Sunset Beavers!

I had less than 2 hours before dark and wanted to get in a quick fishing trip on a cool but pleasant evening. The boat was ready to go and the trailer hooked up to the Sequoia. Even with so little time a quick trip to Seven Tree Pond was an easy choice. Boat overboard and ready to go in 15 minutes. I headed up the river toward Round Pond and began to cast a fly to the shore most out of the wind.


One aspect of guiding that I overlook far to easily is the excitement that clients bring to the trip. The anticipation and eagerness to get out on the water. I think that I play a role in some of that but most of it comes from being in this place and being able to do. The great expectations are not necessarily about catching lots of fish but rather having a day on the water and all that can bring.


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