Raining again

So my afternoon on the water was cold and wet. Sunday afternoon I had to end a trip because of a fast moving thundershower. Not every day is a warm and sunny home run like the day I was watched slyly by this loon to be sure we did not disturb her nest. On the upside there are a few stripers around, not a lot but enough to keep things interesting and the bass on freshwater are starting their spawning season.

Guess it is time to put the screens on

Saturday morning was warm and sunny, the first day like that in a while. Argy was sweeping the floor in the mudroom. Because I track in a lot of dirt when bringing in firewood and other chores (her story not mine). At any rate because it was warm she had the door open and was working away. I was at my desk in the other room.

On the upside

The snow that was much discussed for this morning did not appear, at least here. Cold for May to be sure at 37 degrees but no white precipitation and much less wind than predicted. A win for someone with vegetable seedlings in the ground earlier than they should be.


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