Winter view

The weather has been much warmer lately. We have little snow on the ground and the days have been much warmer than normal. One bonus to this situation for me is that the wood boxes need to be filled every Thomaston Harbor in Winterother day instead of every day. A loss of exercise to be sure but a pleasant break in the winter routine.

Something fun for me to do!

I have to confess that even though I love what I do it has sometimes gotten in the way of doing what I love on my own. As a youngster I was a passionate duck hunter. Over time I guided many a duck hunting trip, I don’t guide that any longer. But lately I had been thinking about doing some on my own, not to guide but rather as an actual hobby.

Pleasant winter mornings

Early winter mornings are the best. Especially this winter with clear mornings that are not too cold. When I get up at 4:45 the stars fill the sky or the moonlight is bright on the snow cover. As I go through the standard routine getting the stoves going and the coffee made it is still dark making the fire in the living room stove a source of light and heat.


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