Spring almost

Today is sunny and warm for Maine in February. Almost 40 degrees with very little wind. If I did not know better I would think spring is here. Although last evening we had a quick little snowstorm that dropped couple of inches before giving way to drizzle and ending. The sun now has enough strength to melt that little bit of snow clearing the driveway and road out front.

Marshall Point Light on a Winter Afternoon

Marshall Point Light in Port Clyde MEWe are fortunate to live in an area that many come to see on their vacations. Meaning that we enjoy a beautiful part of the world every day. Being familiar like that though frequently means that we take if for granted and don’t pay attention like we should. One of the benefits of this year of limited travel for us has been visiting some of the local sights.


One of the pleasures of living in a forested state is that many in our area heat with wood. We use about 4 cords each winter that is put into the garage during the summer and early fall. This most recent stretch of colder weather has all of us using our woodstoves to keep our houses warm and keep the winter cheer going.


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