We sure have come a long way

Our first shot of real winter arrived last week, lows in the single numbers and highs in the twenties. Snowing today to be followed by more cold air at the end of the week. Argy and I went for our walk yesterday and I marveled at how comfortable I was while the temperatures were cold with a stiff breeze. My mind immediately went to the clothing that I had on and how far it has come in my lifetime.

No doubt about it

Winter is here. Yesterday was the first snowy day since last winter. In fact it snowed a good part of the day and into the evening. We only got a few inches so not a big deal except for everyone having to re learn how to drive on it. Temperatures have turned a little cooler too with lows around 20 degrees and highs in the 30s.

This morning dawned pretty as a postcard without a cloud in the sky.


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