Some things you can just depend on

We are in the depths of winter this week. Hight temperatures struggling out of the single numbers each day and lows either side of zero. There is a little more daylight every day and it is now 90 days until my first guided trip. You can still feel winter at the door though. I do not remember who told me that the chickadees begin to sing on January 21 each year; it was along time ago.

Wandering Birds in our Area This Winter

This has been quite the winter for vagrant bird sightings in our area. I am a very casual bird watcher but to like to know what species I am seeing and a little about them. This is the sort of information that I know my clients appreciate when we are out on the water. First there was a Barnacle Goose in Rockland hanging out with a flock of Canada Geese on the local football field.

I need your help with my winter project

We are in the middle of January and since it is Maine, we have enjoyed some brisk temperatures (-5 last night) and a little snow (actually snowing lightly here now).  Not a record winter by any measure but this is Maine, if you don’t like the weather wait a minute. Who knows what the next couple of months will bring? 


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