Great photo!

I have a GoPro camera mounted on both my landing nets. The camera is set to take a picture every second and I turn it on when a client has a fish on to get the happy face and the fish when if comes on board. Because I turn it on well before the fish is ready to be landed it gets some interesting shots. For instance I had one last year of the lure flying through the air after the fish had spit the hook.

Stripers are back!

Small school fish to be sure but still they are in the Saint George. Over the last couple of days clients and I found them in the usual early season places. Great fun on the fly rod this morning and lots of them! With warming weather and water I expect that things will only get better over the next few weeks. Now choosing where to fish just got harder. Freshwater on any of the lakes in the area or the salt for stripers. Decisions decisions.


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