Back from vacation

We just returned from two weeks in Hawaii. It was an amazing trip with many firsts for both of us. One of the biggest this is that Argy been to all 50 states now. We visited the islands of Kauai and Hawaii both rural and with very different environments. It was windy for most of the trip but it did not keep us from doing what we wanted . I was able to fish in the saltwater and the freshwater with a local guide.

The end of my 2023 ice fishing season (as if it ever started)

This winter I offered ice fishing trips for the first time. So far this winter has been unusually warm with nowhere near enough ice to head out safely. I case you were wondering who’s fault it is for the lack of ice.  We did have a few cold days but that has not been enough to make up for all of the warmth. The coming week has a day or two forecast to be around 50 degrees, not exactly ice making temperatures. So I have decided to take down the ice fishing trips for the remainder of the season (that would have been February 28 anyway).


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