Fishing with families

I realized this morning that I have been fishing with families with young children pretty regularly for the last week or so. Last evening it was a family with an eighteen year old son and a four year old daughter. The kids are great fun to have alone because of their excitement. The difficult part is trying to balance the kid fishing with the bigger fish for the adults. The kids care about catching fish and you need to catch some pretty steadily to keep the interest up. The adults and older kids are dreaming of the big fish that I show in advertising.

Nearly perfect trip!

Today I fished with a friend from Maryland and his family. He and I fished together until 10 Am and then were joined by his wife daughter and son. The fishing first thing was excellent breaking fish everywhere and we caught a bunch. My only regret was leader material that broke on a couple of big fish. It would have been nice if he had landed a great big fish. After all Maryland gives most of these stripers there start in life it seems only fitting that someone from their home state should get their very best showing.


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