Fabulous Fall Fishing

Striper fishing the last two days has been great. The fog and clouds keep the fish active all day and with the large numbers of fish that are around right now the fishing can be amazing. I am very impressed by the amount of bait that seems to be in the river right now and the juvenile alewives have not even started to drop down out of the river yet. I assume that they will start after the latest hurricane goes by and gives us a significant rainfall. The bait most prevalent at the moment looks like juvenile herring they are holding in the coves in the lower river.

A warm week in September

Striper fishing this morning continued in the pattern of the summer. A load of small fish holding any place that the tide provided a place to ambush bait. Including some surface action but that was limited by the almost unlimited sunshine. I started a little late with a couple in their 80’s that had not done a lot of fishing before this. By 10 AM they were both old hands that had caught a number of fish.

Glorious September

September is the best kept secret in Maine, the weather is settled and warm with cool nights and beautiful sunny days. Of course with the kids back in school the summer vacation season is over and there are very few visitors. It is a shame that they all miss teh best weather of the year. We are in a stretch of one nearly perfect day after another that is supposed to continue into next week. I think that this must be the balance to last spring when it was cold and rainy almost every day.


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