A beautiful day for fishing

Today was absolutely beautiful, blue sky without a cloud in the sky and a decent breeze from the west. Not enough wind to be a problem but enough to let you know it was there. Temperature in the low 70’s, warm in the sun without the wind but I wore a fleece jacket until around 11. The fishing was great until almost the high tide. We had a school of stripers on the surface for a short time but most of the action came through fishing structure. Interestingly a fly is out catching any sort of spinning gear now and has been for at least two weeks.

Wow how did that happen?

Yesterday afternoon I fished with my son Noah, one of his friends and the teacher who is advising Noah’s independent study. The independent study involves fishing all year and taking pictures of fish each month to look at changes in color and patterns. Of course he has not thought about which species will be available all year or even exactly how he will be able to catch these fish. But that is all part of the learning process I suppose.


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