Striper fishing continues to hold up very well and the size of fish continues to get bigger. The fishing is so good that I have been doing family fishing trips on the salt water for stripers instead of perch as I normally so. One change that I have noticed is that the seals have left the harbor; I assume that the increase in boat activity is the reason as there still seems to be plenty for them to eat.

Why I guide.

The picture I had been promised of a boy with his first big fish arrived last evening. The best part of being a guide is being part of someone’s lifelong memories.

I received this message today from one of Argy’s fellow teachers who gave here husband a certificate for a learn to fly fish trip that I described in an earlier post:

I just have to share a comment Scott made yesterday! He said, "I re-live that fishing trip every day!!! I go over every step Don taught me in my mind. I want to keep it fresh."

Guides Holiday

I know that I am supposed to be developing my idea for a book on the coming crisis in conservation funding but I am just having too much fun fishing these days. Went on a guide mini vacation last evening a couple hours of striper fishing at the best point in the tide with little wind I knew that the stripers were holding along a certain mud bank. Needless to say it was a blast. I went 29 consecutive casts with a hook up. I have no idea how many fish I finally caught but it was a bunch. What a treat for a guy who usually only unhooks fish.


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