Guides Holiday

I know that I am supposed to be developing my idea for a book on the coming crisis in conservation funding but I am just having too much fun fishing these days. Went on a guide mini vacation last evening a couple hours of striper fishing at the best point in the tide with little wind I knew that the stripers were holding along a certain mud bank. Needless to say it was a blast. I went 29 consecutive casts with a hook up. I have no idea how many fish I finally caught but it was a bunch. What a treat for a guy who usually only unhooks fish.

Public Television Donation

Fished yesterday with the winners of the trip that I donated to the Maine Public Television Auction, every year the winners of that trip have great fishing and walk away saying wow. Must be something to do with the donation. We had fish right in the harbor and they must have caught a dozen before I really got started. I am in the office today working on adding more items to the store I’ve been a little slow getting them up over the last couple of weeks but we are scheduled for rain and wind today so an office day is in the plan.

A very enjoyable Saturday morning.

Fished with Dan Tarkinson of Fly Fishing in Maine Saturday morning and we caught a good number of stripers. Including the one shown in this picture. Interesting how the fish stopped biting as soon as the fog burned off. Sunday morning the sky was bright and the fishing held up until around 9:30 or so. It should last longer as the week progresses as we have better tides to fish.


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