Late morning blitz

I fished this morning with two former colleagues at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. We started early and I expected to be off of the water no later than 10. The fishing was very slow we had a three fish to the boat and several bites that were not hooked up. I headed toward the harbor and made one last drift on a favorite ledge. At the end of the drift I looked down river and the birds were going crazy over fish breaking everywhere. We quickly moved to the breaking fish and all had on nice fish. After landing a few fish it was over as quickly as it started.


Striper fishing continues to hold up very well and the size of fish continues to get bigger. The fishing is so good that I have been doing family fishing trips on the salt water for stripers instead of perch as I normally so. One change that I have noticed is that the seals have left the harbor; I assume that the increase in boat activity is the reason as there still seems to be plenty for them to eat.

Why I guide.

The picture I had been promised of a boy with his first big fish arrived last evening. The best part of being a guide is being part of someone’s lifelong memories.

I received this message today from one of Argy’s fellow teachers who gave here husband a certificate for a learn to fly fish trip that I described in an earlier post:

I just have to share a comment Scott made yesterday! He said, "I re-live that fishing trip every day!!! I go over every step Don taught me in my mind. I want to keep it fresh."


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