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Snow two mornings this week, not a big deal an inch or two in the night that melts away by noon. A little reminder to us all that winter is not going to give way to spring without a struggle. The Jotul 118 is working like a charm and heats the house completely in the warmer weather. It still does not have the capacity of the old one but seems to get the job done with less wood. One big difference that I have noticed is that it produces far less ash. I only need to carry out ashes once a week about half the amount that the old 118 produced. How did they do that?

Another successful seminar

My latest small business seminar for guides was Saturday. It was well attended by a group of guides full of good questions that make the time fly by for me. The only negative was that I rented a smaller room and when I projected my excel spreadsheets they could not be read. At that close distance the font was just too small. Even enlarging the text did not help. Next time the bigger room for me, it is worth the additional $50.


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