Snow Squalls today

I was in the office most of the day today, outside we are having snow squalls off and on. This afternoon they were very impressive as they passed to the south and east. The sun would light the squall as it traveled off toward Rockland and make them glow. The cloud would be dark and ominous and the snow would be plain to see as it fell in the distance.

An online guide class?

Had an online meeting with a representative of Microsoft about using Live Meeting as a method to deliver my Guide Business Seminar. It is an interesting concept but very expensive for a small operator like me. One advantage for me would be that the costs of offering the seminar almost disappear, no meals or rental fee. Of course the big question is will you have greater participation if you offer it online and travel is not an issue. It is interesting to note that each seminar has had at least one person who traveled from another state to attend.


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