Finally some winter weather.

We woke up this morning to a dusting of snow and a temperature near zero. Fortunately there is little wind to make it feel colder. The sunrise was obscured through the clouds that form over the warm ocean water when it is cold. The forecast is for a real snowstorm over the weekend so just maybe winter is going to make an appearance this year.

The dogs spent the night in the house where it is warmer than the kennel and are still inside enjoying the luxury of laying on the tile floor by the wood stove. Eventually they get too hot and move away but for now they are both close.

Small Business Technology Event

Last evening the Union Area Chamber of Commerce put on a business technology workshop. It was a fun event held at Hannibal’s Café on the common. It seemed like everyone had a great time and most likely learned something. At this point in the winter it is nice to have a chance to get out and see everyone. Good food, pleasant crowd and excellent presenters.

More warm and wet!

February started out where January left off warm and wet. We had another rainstorm yesterday that washed away all of the snow again. There is yet another rainstorm predicted for tonight and tomorrow. This has been one of those warm winters that never really seems to get started. We have had very little real cold weather in stark contrast to the below zero weather that we had last year. Winter sure is bleak without a blanket of snow. Not to mention how much I miss getting out on cross country skis.


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