Missed Opportunities

Had a meeting with my bank yesterday to explain for about the tenth time what it is that I do. This time to explain why they should want to include some of their information in the packet that I hand out at my guide business seminar. I am pretty sure that they see the opportunity this time but the first offer was nearly missed completely and only saved by the local customer service representative. Even that extra effort did not take full advantage of the opportunity.

Excellent Seminar

The weather has been pretty unusual for Maine in January with the temperature nearing 50 degrees a couple of days last week. We are back to normal temperatures now and there is snow in the forecast so at least it feels like it should be January and not May. Last week was unusually busy for me. I had a series of legislative hearings and worksessions, a day filled with meetings one right after another and finished up on Saturday with a guides business seminar. Sometimes all of the possibilities on the calendar just line up and things get busy.


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