Thinking about first experiences

At the end of the season, I like to take a minute to reflect on how fortunate I have been. The thing that I am proudest of is the firsts that I have been able to assist. Usually, a first fish or the first of some species or a skill like the first cast with a fly rod. After all these years I wish I had kept track of them.

It would be great information to have and share. I am asking for my clients help. If you or someone in your party did something for the first time on a Maine Outdoors trip. Would you please let me know by filling in the form at this link.

It will be fun to see how many folks achieved something new on a trip with me!


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Don, being as old as we are (currently 71!), it's difficult to come up with new outdoor "firsts!" But, thanks to you, we've had a couple in recent years. September 15, 2022, was a blustery day and we met you at a small local lake where you helped both Diane and me land our first chain pickerel. And, yes, Diane's was quite a bit larger than mine! Then on June 9 of this year, you helped Diane (almost!) catch her first striper and me catch several stripers on topwater on the Saint George River. We've really enjoyed our time with you and look forward to more in the future!

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