Not all of a guides stories have happy endings!

At the end of this one I need some help. I had two English pointers who are the stars of my October. Rocky and Blue. Over the last couple of months Blue ahs been off and on clearly not feeling well for a day or two but snapped out of it each time.

Two weeks ago he stopped eating and was clearly losing weight. A trip to the vet revealed that he had anaplasmosis and an antibiotic was prescribed. I added canned food to his routine and he seemed to improve for a few days but returned to not eating and additional weight loss. Back to he vet where a conversation led us to conclude that he had somehow eaten rat poison. Treatment started that day but it was too little too late. After completely stopping eating and finally drinking he died yesterday. A very sad day around here.

Still not sure where the rat poison came from either in the manure spread by the dairy farm across the street or perhaps in the yard of one of the neighbors. We have had lots of mice this summer and I even talked about using poison but Argy convinced me that my trapping skills were up to the task (turns out she was right).

At any rate I am a dog short of really being able to guide this fall and am on the active search for a trained hunting dog that needs a working home. If you have any leads please let me know! Thank you.

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Hi Don, so sorry about the tragic loss of Blue. You might try posting in a few the many hunting dog Facebook groups. I have a sweet pair of Llewellin Setters and I belong to two Llewellin Setter Facebook groups and another called "Gunning for Grouse." Occasionally I see posts from people in your situation. My breeder just posted a note offering a 3-year-old Llewellin to a good home. The dog didn't become part of her breeding program and has not been trained. If you want to learn more.

All the best,

Such a tough loss when we lose a canine companion.

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