Delightful Winter Days

We have made it to the part of the year where the days get noticeably longer and the sun has real strength. Last weeks snowstorms (yes several in a row) left us with feet of snow everywhere. A heavy snowfall is sort of unusual on the immediate coast and the recent storms had done just that. We had planned to go away over the weekend but with all of the snow and perfect late winter weather in the forecast why would we?

We skied on Frye Mountain not too far from here on one day, made a trip to do some skiing in Acadia National Park on another and spent two days nearby on snowshoes trying places that we had not been.

As you can see postcard weather even if the snow was a little wet and slow but the day was perfect.

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We had a great day in Bar Harbor, skiing along the water - brilliant blue sky, slivers of white clouds, and plenty of sunshine!

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