Wow how did that happen?

Yesterday afternoon I fished with my son Noah, one of his friends and the teacher who is advising Noah’s independent study. The independent study involves fishing all year and taking pictures of fish each month to look at changes in color and patterns. Of course he has not thought about which species will be available all year or even exactly how he will be able to catch these fish. But that is all part of the learning process I suppose.

At any rate we were all able to fish together yesterday afternoon and the stripers were very much on the feed. I assume that there was a falling barometer ahead of the tropical storm headed out to sea this morning. Everyone caught several fish and we had stripers on the surface for a while. A few bigger fish were mixed in to keep things interesting. I think that we had four or five of around 24 inches.

The most interesting thing happened at our last stop. The boys had caught many fish at this place over the summer and were ready to catch a bunch of fish. We did hook a few but not in great numbers. When one fish was on the line and being retrieved it was bitten in half by something. I assume a large bluefish because this turn had most of the bluefish when they were around. Needless to say it was a first for me and of course has me wondering about the size of a fish that is capable of biting an 18 inch striper in two. One thing about fishing in the salt water is that you just never really know what might show up. Only a couple of weeks of fishing left for me this season it is a little sad to think that it is almost over. I sure will miss the stripers when they are gone this winter. Maybe I will be able to get in some fishing further south this winter.

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