Winter gets started

The week of Thanksgiving usually marks a significant turn in the weather and this year is no different. While we have not had any real cold or big amount of snow yet. The change is obvious to everyone. The ground is white, making it look like the coming season. The national weather service has a great site that shows snow depths across New England

Temperatures are cold enough that the dogs water buckets are staying frozen. I have gotten out the heated buckets this weekend so they are all set for the winter. I have one more group of duck hunters and am finished guiding for the season. It looks like just in time.

My winter work as the lobbyist for the Maine Bowhunters Association has begun to get busier with a meeting schedule that has already been pretty busy. Fortunately the president has been able to attend several meetings in my place when I have been guiding. The coming legislative session looks like it will be short but intense. There are only a few important issues on the calendar but that does not mean that it won’t take a significant amount of time and effort.

I have also been doing some media work for Peter Mills who is running for Governor in the next election cycle. I expect that I won’t be working for the campaign very much this winter. Just as well because I found that I was uncomfortable working in such an overtly political role. I much prefer working on conservation issues.

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