Still it is good fishing

Yesterday morning the fishing was not as good as the last few. In fact I never like the few days after a full moon. My current guess is that the big range of tide that we have around the moon puts a lot of sediment in the water and puts fish off some. Might be true, most likely is not, but I need a theory.

One of the things that is the hardest as a guide is not to say “this is not nearly as good as it was yesterday” in fact this client is in the middle of catching a number of fish so he believes it is good fishing. I of course saw a half mile of breaking fish when I started yesterday and am disappointed when I don’t see that today.

Another guide and I talked about this recently because the disappointment is only the guides. I have seen what a place is capable of being like, a standard, but the clients for the most part are experiencing this place for the first time and are only rarely disappointed. This is true of everything that I guide; over time I have experienced places at their very best. Of course that also means that there are times when they are at their worst. We had a number of petrels in the river one day last week and I was sure that I would be able to point a few out by simply riding downriver this week. Not one to be seen even when I ventured a little off shore. If that had been a petrel watching trip it would have been a bust.

The thing I really enjoy is being out enough to experience first hand the great days and the not so great days!

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