Snow Squalls today

I was in the office most of the day today, outside we are having snow squalls off and on. This afternoon they were very impressive as they passed to the south and east. The sun would light the squall as it traveled off toward Rockland and make them glow. The cloud would be dark and ominous and the snow would be plain to see as it fell in the distance.

I am trying to learn how to best use the new Jotul 118 CB but am struggling. The firebox is smaller than the old one which keeps me from getting in as much wood as I think I need and just don’t seem to get the heat output that I think I should. I seemed to have it yesterday afternoon for a while but somehow I lost my touch overnight. I guess that it will take a while to get the hang of it and we had the last one for a long time so I have forgotten the learning curve that must have been involved.

Attended a meeting yesterday with folks from the Brookings Institute who are in Maine working on an economic strategy for the state. Everyone in attendance gave them a good dose of how the outdoor recreation sector has been ignored for years. But I do not think it was heard any more yesterday than it has been in the past. Time will tell.

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