Shortest day of the year already

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Today is the day with the shortest period of daylight. Seems like only a short time ago we were at the longest day. Here in coastal Maine it is not light until around 7AM and pretty dark by 4PM so the short day is quite noticeable. By early next month the sun will begin to rise earlier and we will be headed back toward the long light filled days of summer.

Yesterday’s snowstorm that dumped a pile of snow further down the east coast simply did not reach here. We had lots of wind and flurries yesterday afternoon. Some snow fell right along the coast in our area. Argy went to Owls Head in the afternoon and arrived home to report that there was maybe eight inches on the ground there it was hard to believe because so little had fallen here only fifteen miles away.

Every little bit helps though and soon there will be more than enough in the woods to make for pleasant snowshoeing conditions. As our days get a little longer temperatures will begin to moderate making perfect conditions for winter exploration trips. I am looking forward to leading those trips for the next few months.

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