An online guide class?

Had an online meeting with a representative of Microsoft about using Live Meeting as a method to deliver my Guide Business Seminar. It is an interesting concept but very expensive for a small operator like me. One advantage for me would be that the costs of offering the seminar almost disappear, no meals or rental fee. Of course the big question is will you have greater participation if you offer it online and travel is not an issue. It is interesting to note that each seminar has had at least one person who traveled from another state to attend. Not to mention that Presque Isle is further away than Boston. So maybe it does have some potential, although I wonder if other Maine guides are technically sophisticated enough to use the service. Do other businesses that offer small seminars like mine use Live Meeting? I’ll have to search around to see and ask how it is working for them. I also want to talk with some of my participants and see if they would attend if I offered the seminar online.

The other thing that I found interesting is that the representative had only a passing understanding of a small business like Maine Outdoors. Many of the things that I said to her were new information. The search for someone else that understands the guide business continues.

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