One fish, two fish, red fish….

Yes we have them; bluefish in Thomaston Harbor . Yesterday morning was a blast with a large school of 5 to 8 pound bluefish on the surface for an hour or so right after the turn of the tide. Clients have been catching them steadily for the last several days and I have only been cut by teeth once, so far so good. The blues seem to move the stripers into shallower water and make them a little more skittish.

This morning we caught a few stripers and blues but the fish seemed to be off and hiding. I would assume that the flat calm and bright skies had something to do with it. Let’s hope for morning fog for the rest of the week, not to mention it keeps it a little cooler until mid morning. Tides this week are perfect for fishing the flats along the channel and several of the drains that are favorites at this point in the summer.

I had a canoe trip on Saturday with a family and really enjoyed it, not to mention it was a delight to be back on the fresh water for a day or two. I have also done several nature exploration programs that have been great for adding a little diversity to my week. The coming week looks busy and already has a good variety scheduled. Seems like folks are finally taking their summer vacations.

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