Nearly perfect trip!

Today I fished with a friend from Maryland and his family. He and I fished together until 10 Am and then were joined by his wife daughter and son. The fishing first thing was excellent breaking fish everywhere and we caught a bunch. My only regret was leader material that broke on a couple of big fish. It would have been nice if he had landed a great big fish. After all Maryland gives most of these stripers there start in life it seems only fitting that someone from their home state should get their very best showing.

We moved several times over the course of the morning and their seemed to be fish almost everywhere. When the family arrived we went for a boat ride down to the open ocean at the mouth of the river. The sea was like glass, the sky a perfect blue with just a few white puffy clouds. On the way back up river we stopped to watch some harbor porpoises feeding in the river. A couple of them got quite close to the boat I would say about 20 feet. Pretty cool even for someone who sees them all of the time.

We returned to the harbor for lunch at the picnic tables, Hannibal’s Café in Union continues to do a great job with those. We spent a couple of hours fishing for stripers right outside of the harbor after that. I am sure that everyone caught a few fish and we even had a small bluefish! A totally successful trip for everyone, especially the guide who enjoyed every minute! I am truly fortunate to be able to spend my days working in a beautiful place with folks having a great time.

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