Late morning blitz

I fished this morning with two former colleagues at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. We started early and I expected to be off of the water no later than 10. The fishing was very slow we had a three fish to the boat and several bites that were not hooked up. I headed toward the harbor and made one last drift on a favorite ledge. At the end of the drift I looked down river and the birds were going crazy over fish breaking everywhere. We quickly moved to the breaking fish and all had on nice fish. After landing a few fish it was over as quickly as it started. But again I looked up and could see fish and birds working downriver we headed over and were treated to being in the middle of the melee for over an hour. None of the fish were smaller than 20 inches and I brought one to the boat that was very close to 36 inches. Most notable was that after landing a fish I dropped my lure overboard and before I could pick up the rod had another fish on. I came pretty close to losing the rod. Needless to say it was a great morning that started out slow and built to the end. We were off of the water by noon and each landed several fish.

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