Half century mark approaches

On Saturday I’ll be 50 hard to imagine that I could be so old. The family has big plans. I’ve been told to take the day off and there are lots of secret phone calls going on so I’m sure it will be big. It is a delight to have made it to the point where I am happy doing what I do and do it well enough to be successful and have a great family to share it all.

I attended a meeting yesterday on a disease in deer that is spreading across the country assisted by humans. Chronic Wasting Disease is pretty amazing all by itself but is now making headlines by jumping thousands of miles at a time. The meeting was very interesting but the thing that really struck me was the look of most of the state employees at the meeting. Most of them had been out in the sun all summer. I remember long ago when I first went to work as the lobbyist for the Maine Professional Guides Association that I should know that the people who worked at fish and wildlife were different from guides because they were inside people and guides were outside people. It has never been more striking to me than yesterday. I am truly fortunate to have returned to the outside group again, I’m sure that when I worked at the agency my color was the same as theirs.

In the afternoon I fished with two brothers one that lives in the area and the other on vacation the visiting brother was the drive behind the trip that offered the resident a chance to see a part of his town that he had ever seen before. What a treat and balance to my day. Fishing was very slow and the wind blew hard enough to make most of the lower river uncomfortable but it was still great to be out.

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