The guiding season ends!

We had a Little snow yesterday to make the ground white; we got our tree and put up our outside Christmas decorations including the large star on the top of the house. It sure is great to have an 18 year old son around to help with the hard stuff.

Saturday I finished my season with one last duck hunt. The wind blew all three days, some harder than others but overall we were lucky to get in as much of a hunt as we did. Thursday made me appreciate how able a 20 foot Lund Alaskan is; when we left in the morning the forecast was for a 15 to 20 knot wind that was to diminish in the afternoon. When we finally picked up at around 11 AM it was blowing every bit of 25 knots and the sea had built up accordingly. We took it easy coming in but it was at best uncomfortable. Friday was forecast to blow a gale all day so we opted for a fresh water hunt. I was amazed by the number of ducks still on the ponds but they were very decoy shy. Saturday we had an excellent hunt and finished just as the wind turned itself up to screech. Fortunately we had only a short ride back into the harbor wind right on our nose so it was not all that bad.

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