Glorious September

September is the best kept secret in Maine, the weather is settled and warm with cool nights and beautiful sunny days. Of course with the kids back in school the summer vacation season is over and there are very few visitors. It is a shame that they all miss teh best weather of the year. We are in a stretch of one nearly perfect day after another that is supposed to continue into next week. I think that this must be the balance to last spring when it was cold and rainy almost every day. I hope that the folks in the Gulf States are having some of the same weather to help them dry out and start to rebuild their homes, businesses and lives.

I am still guiding a few striper fishing parties and getting ready to spend part of October guiding bird hunters at Libby Camps in northern Maine. Today I am meeting with the Maine Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation about possibly becoming their lobbyist next winter. I submitted a proposal and am looking forward to a lively discussion.

I have had to replace two more spinning reels this week. It seems impossible to me that brand new reels from what I consider to be respected manufacturers do not last even an entire season. I suppose that the use they get in terms of the number of days and number of fish caught is far greater than the normal angler would put them through.

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