Fall in the air.

No the temperatures have not started to drop significantly and frost is not imminent but things are definitely about to change. Fish are hungry and seem to be feeding all day. Shorebirds are massed on the mudflats outside of Thomaston Harbor feeding to build up fat reserves for their migrations. Crickets have started to chirp in the evenings and there is one in the house every time you turn around. For those of you that look for signs of an early winter I have already cut up my firewood for next winter. The plan is to split it in the next couple of weeks and then put it in the garage before the end of September so that when I return from Libby Camps at the end of October we are all set for winter.

Fishing continues to be excellent. I have had good fishing on both fresh and salt water this week. Had a father and son with me on Monday catch a bunch of smallmouth bass. Three other parties have done very well striper fishing and the bluefish showed themselves again this morning in the harbor. I managed to get bitten by one of them and have been nursing a bleeding finger since. One very nice striper was working bait in shallow water and came very quickly to a bucktail jig and gave us an exciting ten minutes or so.

I look forward to the next month when the pace is a little slower and the fishing gets even better.

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