Fabulous Fall Fishing

Striper fishing the last two days has been great. The fog and clouds keep the fish active all day and with the large numbers of fish that are around right now the fishing can be amazing. I am very impressed by the amount of bait that seems to be in the river right now and the juvenile alewives have not even started to drop down out of the river yet. I assume that they will start after the latest hurricane goes by and gives us a significant rainfall. The bait most prevalent at the moment looks like juvenile herring they are holding in the coves in the lower river. The schools are quite large and the gulls and fish are all around them wherever they are holding. I had stripers on the surface for a good hour on Wednesday good fishing Thursday until we were chased off of the water by a thunderstorm in the distance. The rain gradually moved up the river and the thunder got louder so calling it a morning seemed to be the prudent thing. We caught a good number of fish and they ran a little larger than they have lately with several over twenty inches. I always prefer fishing on the going tide but have done nearly as well on the raising tide this week; I guess I don’t really have a preference. If you are still thinking about going striper fishing this year. The next two weeks are definitely going to be some of hte best fishing of the season and I have a few open dates. Most noteably the weekends.

Tuesday was spent in a meeting in Augusta and clearly it will not be easy to get back into the all day meeting routine after a summer of being outside every day. I was amazed at how little had actually happened on the project since I left state government two years ago. It was fun to see folks that I had not seen for a while and to have the Guide Business Seminar that I offer mentioned as an easily accomplished action item in the plan.

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