Busy August

The 50th birthday celebration was great. My brother, sister in law and nephew drove up for the festivities. We had lobster on the lawn with friends and family Friday evening, including oysters brought by a friend who works at one of the local oyster farms. (they were part of a delicious stew for supper this week) On my birthday I was guided by my son on a smallmouth bass fishing trip. Spent the afternoon at an opening for an art show that was supposed to include a piece of my other son’s work. (don’t ask, but the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland blew it big time) We all went to dinner at the Bradley Inn in Pemaquid that evening and had one of the better meals that I have ever eaten. I was surprised by an online greeting at http://www.bigbirthdays.com/viewpage.php?idno=528&pageno=1&given=Don&fam...

Thank you to everyone who made the day a highlight for me. At this point I have guided several parties and can’t say that I notice much of a difference being half a century old. So far so good.

Mid August is a very busy time in mid coast Maine from the Lobster festival to Union Fair every weekend has an event of some sort and summer business is at its peak. This August is proving to be one of the busier ones for me. Striper fishing fills most of the time but with some freshwater fishing and a canoe trip or two to round it out. I enjoy every day that I get to spend with someone making a memory for them to share.

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a guide is spending time with regular clients that you have guided for years. We spend a good part of the trip catching up on each others families, hearing the news of the last year and discussing future plans. I am truly fortunate to have many folks that I have guided for a number of years. Yes we go fishing and yes we catch a few fish but the real thing is sharing another delightful experience together. I spend today with a long time client and his wife it was a delight. The weather was perfect everything went smoothly, OK I did struggle to get them on fish for the first hour or so, but they eventually caught several. They did not catch the fish that they were looking for that would weigh over ten pounds we still had a very pleasant day on the water and I can’t wait to see them again next year.

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