This morning I had a client call me at the ramp and tell me that the weather was too bad to go. We had been back and forth over a couple of days about times and number of participants. Where I was the rain was nearly over and it was barely blowing but where he was it was raining hard and blowing. Needless to say I had already spent most of effort, time and money to make his trip a reality so it was more than a lost morning. Balancing my need to generate income every day during the season with the client need to feel like they are safe and that they are in control is never easy and sometimes uncomfortable.

I made the best of it and went fishing after all I had already towed the boat to the ramp and the tide was nearly perfect. I fished in the part of the river where the wind is not a problem and had a blast. I caught several fish and had time to experiment with different flies. With the tide slacked at high it was easy to see the fish pass under a fly and either take it or refuse it. I tried several colors of the same pattern to see which worked best. I lost one large fish when the leader parted, I switched to a new spool of leader material hopefully it was a weak product and not guide error that caused it to part. After the fish left the upper river I ran down to the lower river but the wind was too strong to easily cast a fly so I headed back to the office to get caught up on the day to day stuff that has been piling up lately.

One of the things that I am trying to accomplish is adding a few more items to the online store. I have been trying to broaden the variety of items that the store contains to appeal to more folks.

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