Wondering about my season

The State of Maine lifted the prohibition on guided outdoor activities for residents and non residents who have quarantined here for 14 days a couple of weeks ago. Not really my usual customer base and it is early. Even in a normal year things would be slow in May. The quarantine order is expected to last until at least July, everyone is nervous to travel and of course the economy is in free fall. This will be anything but a normal summer. For me many more cancellations than reservations so far. Time will tell. The restrictions on guiding are slowly loosening and as they change I am adjusting the protocol on how trips are run and posting the changes on the website.
On the positive side I am getting on the water far a couple of hours almost every day. Fishing some old favorite spots and revisiting a few I have not been to in years. Enjoying the Maine Outdoors on my own. On the freshwater the bass are just starting to head for the shallows to spawn. On the saltwater the stripers have not yet arrived but I am spending some time trying for winter flounder. Something new for me.
I expect the stripers in about a week as the water warms. It looks like we are getting past the cold, wet and snow of April and headed in to a warmer drier weather pattern for at least the next couple of weeks. Hopefully the weather wherever you are is cooperating as well.
Most of the events that normally add to the mid coast summer have been cancelled and it looks like a very slow summer for me. I am planning to get out and learn more about the places I work in a normal summer. Also on my list is to hire a few other Maine Guides to take me to their part of the state and show me around. I'm looking forward to it and I hope that you can make similar plans where you are!
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