Winter view

The weather has been much warmer lately. We have little snow on the ground and the days have been much warmer than normal. One bonus to this situation for me is that the wood boxes need to be filled every Thomaston Harbor in Winterother day instead of every day. A loss of exercise to be sure but a pleasant break in the winter routine.

I have a client who is coming to fish in the Saint George next week to try for some winter trout. To get ready I spent an afternoon hiking in to various spots to check on ice conditions and water depth. It is still very much winter and wading will have to be confined to shallow water (knee deep or less). The weather was warmish and still with the odd snowflake in the air.

I wound up at Thomaston Harbor just to have a look. The view is very different from summer, with a rim of ice. There were lots of birds an eagle, goldeneyes, black ducks, buffleheads, common mergansers and even a pair of eiders. Of course, there were a few gulls as always.

As you can see it still looks cold but warmer days are coming as the sun begins its swing back north. I figured out that I am now past the mid point of my non guiding season and am looking forward to getting back on the water.

Winteer Sunrise

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