Will the sun ever come up?

Sitting at my desk this morning at 7AM and wondering if it will ever get here. The sky is crystal clear with a breeze; temperature 7 degrees. With the snow it is already plenty bright enough to see, but still. On the upside it is above zero. I wait for the sun to peek over the horizon and give us all the strength it can muster to warm things up a little.

I’ve watched the southern swing of the sun for a very long time now and know that a little after the first of the year we will have gained a few minutes of daylight. Starting us on our trip back toward spring, summer and fall. But still I wait, finally at 7:09 the sky brightens, and the sun appears all gold at its most southern point for the year.

I guess it is time to get going on this short day. There are dogs to be exercised and fed, e-mails to be answered and wood boxes to be filled. Good for all of us to get out, we are spending way too much time in the office these days but don’t tell the dogs I said that.

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