Where has January gone?

I realized over the weekend that the days have gotten long enough for the chickadees to begin to sing. For me that is the first sign of spring followed very soon by early flocks of robins and bluebirds. February usually flies by but March and April are the long months for me. In Maine they are referred to as mud season. Still cold but there are warm days that offer a glimpse of the coming season.

January has been filled with my work as the Executive Director of the Maine Professional Guides Association and in the coming few months representing that group in front of the Maine Legislature. Always interesting work to be sure.

The Maine Outdoors website will be replaced by a newer version sometime in the next couple of months and I am looking forward to that! The plan is to make it easier to find information on the trips you are interested in and make a reservation.

Many of you ask what do you do all winter? Like I just sit waiting for spring but in reality it is a time of year for preparing for the coming season so that everything is in place when you are ready to go!

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