When can we go?

Clients frequently ask when the trips that we offer are available. Over the years seasons have expanded and fall is much longer (and warmer). Our seasons have stretched on both ends.

For reference here are the general season dates that I tell folks who are considering a trip in the coming year.

January 15 to March 2 Guided Ice fishing

April 1 to November 15 Guided Pike fishing, Guided Eagle Watching

April 15 to November 15 Guided Freshwater bass fishing , Guided Learn to Fly Fish, Guided Fishing Basics

May 1 to October 15 Guided Family Fishing

May 25 to October 1 Guided Striper Fishing, Guided Scenic Maine Coast Boat Tour

Keep in mind that as seasons get closer and the weather picture gets a little clearer the begin and end dates change.


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