What have I learned?

I presented to a class at the University of Maine last Monday and along with the list of things that I wanted them to know I urged them to learn how to learn. This year provided lots of great memories including a late summer stretch that had me guide a few of my clients that have been with me since I started. My son Noah passed his guides test last winter and is now a Registered Maine Guide. Down sides this year were the loss of Copper and two family members in November.

So through all of that what have I learned this year?

Clients are here to have a good time; stay out of the way and help them have it! Seems simple enough but sometimes I work too hard at making an experience better for them. Seems like I should better understand this after 30 years.

Copper died just a little over a week after the end of our grouse hunting at Libby Camps. She was performing like a star right until the end, working hard even when it must have hurt! Working like a dog includes giving it your best until you no longer can.

The weather is likely to fool you. I expected that the hot weather was over when we reached the first week in August without a hot stretch. The rest of August and most of September were hot and dry. Now with the early winter being pretty warm and dry I am thinking easy winter and expect that I will be wrong!

So there you have it even an old guide can learn new things!

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