Well that was crazy

The above was a line on a holiday card from one of my clients. As we approach the end of the year I think that about sums 2020 up from the human perspective. Except for some storms last spring and again this fall the outdoors was normal. More than a few beautiful sunrises and sunsets, (the sunset in the picture was taken around the corner from our house) some hot days and a few cold ones. Mornings when the waters surface was as smooth as glass as far as you could see and afternoons when the wind blew making it was rough on the river. Not a lot of fog on the coast making navigating while striper fishing a little easier.

Some things were remarkable; like how incredibly dry it was this summer and fall. The freshwater part of the Saint George was lower than I had ever seen it. For a good part of the summer, I could not get the Lund Alaskan up the river and into Round Pond. I did get a few parties there by getting out and pulling the boat through the narrowest, shallowest spot. We were rewarded each time with great bass fishing.

Things have a way of balancing out and the river is now running high and cold. The fall and early winter were warm for Maine and now there is little in the way of safe ice and no snow. On the upside the firewood looks like it will easily last through the winter and I will not need to bring any more in to make it to spring.

I am working on the Mine Outdoors plan for the coming year and there is already a lot to look forward to. Many dates are already filled in my calendar and a bunch of gift certificates are out there waiting to be used. So I am guessing that the summer season will be as busy as last year. October is now half filled with grouse hunting reservation at Libby Camps pretty much what I have set as a limit to allow time for fishing trips at home.

In spite of a crazy year, I am looking forward the coming one and I hope that you are too!

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