The time is now for the best fall fishing!

Thhis  afternoon s the weather is very much uncomfortable fall in Maine. Raining with a temperature of 48 degrees. Even the dogs do not want to leave their kennel. The forecast though is a whole different story. After tonight clear for the next week or so with most days forecast to be in the 60’s and one over 70. Not at all unpleasant! A lot of the leaves have fallen from our trees but many are still hanging on providing a bright background to the on the water scene.  

Water temperatures are near 60 keeping fish active and making the fish that were sulking in warmer water to the surface (think pike and trout) providing for not just good opportunities but a nice variety. I found lately that later start times are making the most sense, so the water is a little warmer making fish more active and anglers more comfortable. I am liking start times of 9AM and 1PM for the rest of my season.

On top of all that my calendar is nearly empty for the next 10 days or so. I plan to pull the cover from the Lund in the morning and get out there to enjoy the week ahead.  Full disclosure: the stripers are gone from the local saltwater, so I am only offering fishing for bass and pike with the possibility of a trout or two as a bonus. Whether you arre a fly caster or use spinning gear lets go fishing.

Certainly, we are in the last few weeks of open water fishing locally. Don’t let it get away from you!


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