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This September is different in that there are still many families taking vacations or staying on into the fall as schools at home are either not starting or starting with remote learning. Most years the kids live vests are put away on Labor day and sometimes sooner. This year I am still guiding families and will be into October.

Yesterday I guided a family and was reminded of a few things. First how fortunate I am to live and work where I do. Second how beautiful and amazing my neighborhood is. Finally how amazing it is that I have been able to do what I love for well over 30 years at this point.

The trip went well from my perspective, but I’ll let them tell the story in their words

Leave A Review: My family and I went on a vacation in Port Clyde, Maine when we decided to go on a fishing trip.  When we were looking for a fishing tour, this trip immediately caught our eye and we decided to book it.  When we arrived in the morning, it was almost freezing but we were hopeful that we would catch some fish.  When Don first rode us out, it was very scenic with the steam of the water making the whole lake look like a sauna.  Then we started fishing and all of us were a little shaky at first because only our son knew how to fish, but once we got the hang of it, the whole family started catching fish! Don also showed us amazing views along with a bald eagle and loons being seen.  The whole family had a fantastic time. Don was a perfect guide and taught us how to fish with no experience on our part.  This was one of my family’s favorite parts of our vacation and we will definitely be coming back next year.  10 out of 10 stars!!!! Thank you, Don!


Oh and did I mention that I get to spend time outdoors with some of the best folks around.

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