Thinking of You

Spring comes slowly here in Maine and this year is no different. We are warming slowly and subtly, a few snow flurries this morning make that point. I notice that firewood does not need to be brought in as frequently. Most of the winter it is a daily task now every other day soon once a week and by summer occasionally. Progress to be sure.

On the human front we are experiencing an anything but normal spring. Clearly everyone’s first priority is keeping ourselves and our families healthy. This time of year I am usually talking about making a reservation to travel here and spend time in the Maine Outdoors. This spring I don’t want that to be on your list. Think first of your health and your family.

There will be plenty of time on the other side to spend time together in the outdoors, at a safe social distance.

Until then I am using the time to make repairs and improvements that will make things easier and safer for the coming season whenever it might start. New canoe racks and a rebuild of the storage in the 4 runner. The next warm day will see me assembling new spinning rods and switching all of my lures to new boxes. Worst case I will enjoy more fishing on my own this summer.

I hope that you have similar projects to fill the days ahead. If you just want to tell a few stories or remember a good time together give me a call or drop me an e-mail. I would be delighted to hear from you.


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