Things Change

Young Girl wiht Saint George River StriperOver the years lots of things have changed; many that we barely notice. For instance a cooler used to be an almost disposable item in my world. They lasted most of a season but certainly not longer.  Ice lasted for perhaps a day. Today I have had my Yeti for 5 years and just replaced the latches all set for another 5 near as I can tell. A block of ice lasts at least 3 days if not longer in it. I bought an Orca cooler this spring and it appears to be as solid and seems to keep ice even a little longer.

One big change for me has been cameras. On yesterday’s striper fishing trip dozens of pictures were taken. Seals, happy anglers with fish scenery; you name it.  When I started I bought disposable 35mm cameras and gave them to clients who showed up without one, then I had a digital camera that all were free to use and I simply uploaded the pictures to a shared folder online. No need for all of that today everyone has a phone that has a good camera and even video capability. True I have been live on Facebook while fishing more than once now and post a video of my own once or twice a week.  If I got out even my fairly new digital camera clients would look at me like I was foolish.

I invite folks to post their pictures to the Maine Outdoors Facebook page and so far nothing too embarrassing. So all good and a huge change in the last 30 years from a guides perspective. Makes you wonder what the future will hold.


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